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Sound and ceramics installation
Pomegranate Rumman
Sound and ceramics installation
3min sound loop
Sound and ceramics installation
Sound and ceramics installation

Hold the pomegranate,
cut around the crown with a knife, and remove it,
feel for the edges and slice vertically along them, top
to bottom through the thick skin carefully.
Tear it open along the cuts.
Tear it open.
Tear it open along the cuts.

Cut in a circle around the top of the pomegranate than
make five slits, each skin deep around the sides
Peel them off carefully using your
And then...eat the rest!
Eat the rest!
Eat the rest!

I remember
The sounds of seeds falling into
the bowl like rain on windows
they scatter on the table
split the fruit apart
tear the tough skin
revealing bright red seeds
in the sections
shiny and tightly packed
underneath thin white yellow
waxy skin

A profusion of seeds waiting to
become something,
a meal, a tree, a memory.
The smell sticky sweet or maybe
just a memory of the taste
In a dream these fertile ovaries
proliferate, hopeful and
The taste never as dramatic as
the beauty of the visual, the
hard seed inside, awkward in
the mouth.
Cracked blushing leather
like a stained car seat,
long journeys smelling
of overripe fruit
and the hot plastic interior.
The sound of tearing takes me
back to the moments of
watching grown-ups hands,
opening the impossible fruit,
releasing the seeds.
A potential explosion of shinning
fragments waiting to escape
and bounce in and out of
bowls, rolling away into
A kaleidoscope of abundance

100 porcelain/terracotta pomegranates
Humidity sensor and 40 speakers
Images from Defragmentation, exhibited at Hordaland Kunstsenter,
Bergen 2022
Voices: Nora Adwan, Amira and Mugisa Adwan-Kamara
Technical assistance: Johan Mattias Arvastsson
Photographer: Hordaland Kunstsenter