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Shifting Inheritance
HD video

Video & Text Nora Adwan
Sound Design Eva Pfitzenmaier
2.5min out-take of 19min shown here

Three 19 minute videos with sound, music and original poetic texts to be shown on screens, synchronised and looped.

This work is rooted in the idea of inherited trauma, that the trauma of refugee parents is continued in the children born in the West seeping into dreams and permeating the subconscious. What do we pass on and what should we pass on to future generations? I am search for connections between the experiences of the parents and the childhood nightmares of their children. Language and (mis)translation are also a theme in Shifting Inheritance 2020. Text is included in three languages, English, Arabic and Norwegian.

The three screens and the sound (on stereo speakers) are synced and looped. The screens positioned so that the viewer can see/experience all the imagery simultaneously at least in the peripheral vision. The two screens with the videos from Jordan and Norway are the same size, the third screen which carries the majority of the written text is smaller.

For the sound and music, I have worked closely with versatile and experimental Bergen composer and musician Eva Pfitzenmaier to create the soundscape to the images.